Knowledge Translation via Greenscapes

Our clients Associated Professor Ann Dadich, Professor Catherine Best, Dr. Cathy Kaplun, and Dr. Amy Marie are stakeholders in a research program. This research program intends to improve mental health among people of all age groups, which includes school children to adults. For that purpose, they have requested our group to produce a system that will allow them to conduct surveys online via REDCap. Our group’s goal for this project was to create an online platform in which will welcome users to our client’s research program.

This online application is a simplified way that allows everyone to answer a series of questions through a composition of surveys.  Each one of these surveys will be tailored for members of each group and becomes a critical mechanism for data capture. The data obtained will be utilised by both our clients and several admin parties to help promote green spaces as well as promote the development of skills such as teamwork and gaining knowledge.

Technologies Used

The front-end coding for this project is delivered through various languages commonly used for web development. HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript are the main set of front-end coding that drives the project’s overall interface for users when visiting the website. The use of jQuery further eases the coding process for JavaScript during the implementation phase. The back-end coding consists of two important components, PHP and MySQL. Php is the main language used to create the various functions found within GEESE. It drives the overall back bone of how different sections of GESSE weave. MySQL stores the database component for the website itself. It contains various tables in which is used to operate user accounts, surveys, and feedback forms. This is also managed through our CDMS server using the ‘PhpMyAdmin’ panel.

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