The Journey for the Golden Fleece

The client Prof Ludmil  Duridanov from Bulgaria wishes to create an educational game to tell the tales of Jason and the Argonauts. This game will be a part of a series of projects linked together and uses a timeline map to allow users to play these games in order to learn more about Southeast European histories.

The Unity game engine is used to create this game, due to vast amount of online resources available for free. At the beginning several online resources were used to creating tile maps for platforms, player’s controls for the playable characters, enemies for the players to fight, downloading free assets to integrate into the game and using unity’s animator feature for all animations. The creative team designed all the playable characters, enemy animations and artworks. Some assets that we were not available in the unity asset store, were taken from earlier projects.

Maps for the current game follows the game levels design that Ludmil’s creative team has produced. These maps were recreated with the online assets, including beaches, forests, caves and cliffs. The players can traverse these locations which gives the players the proper understanding on how to play the game, which fulfils the tutorial’s goals.

Developed by PS2029