XronoBeat for Teaching Maths

Our client, Dr. Andrew Milne has the vision to create an application would be used to teach mathematics to students from year 3 to year 7 with the help of music.

We have created an application that enables to play and visualize musical rhythms with a polygon inscribed in a circle. Further, the application have features such as: having a precise timed playback of the loops, triggering audio samples, playing multiple rhythmic loops at the same time, creating pre-sets that user can manage, and playing the pre-sets.

Solution Description

The group developed this application in JUCE and using visual studio with C++ coding language. The application was tested on different platforms such as MacOS and iOS.

Technology used

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, C++, JUCE frameworks, Tracktion Engine, XCode.

Developed by PS2024
Donna Ho
Harmanjot Singh Harmanjot Singh
Daniel Rourke