Time-capsule App


The client, Paul Dhanasingh Ebenezer, wanted an application to connect friends and family through revisiting their shared memories and experiences from the past. The application is to achieve this by allowing users to create time capsules – virtual containers that hold a variety of images, video, text and audio, which are then sealed and set to be opened at a later date specified by its creator. The time capsules are then to be sent by the creator to their friends and family, and the recipients will be able to view the capsule’s contents when the time capsule is ready to be opened.

Brief Solution Description

The solution we have developed is the TIMECAPSULE App, which is a mobile application for the Android operating system. It allows users to view and create time capsules by using their device’s camera and microphone and send time capsules to a recipient on a personal friends list.

Technologies used

  1. Android Studio – Java, XML
  2. Firebase Cloud Firestore (NoSQL database)
  3. Firebase Cloud Storage
  4. Algolia – JSON

Developed by PS2023
Yingjie Shi
Hugo Wong
Alfred Au