Efficient Data Reliability Management of Cloud Storage Systems for Big Data Applications

International Data Corporation has predicted that the world data will reach 175 zetta bytes by 2025 and 40% of them will be stored on cloud. The durability and availability of data that are stored on cloud has to be maximized in order to ensure the quality of service. To maximize the reliability of data, cloud services store data redundantly. This research has proposed several novel, cost effective data redundancy techniques to ensure the reliability of Big Data. The performance evaluation of the proposed techniques showcase that the proposed techniques can significantly improve the cost savings in cloud data centers.

Proposed Novel Reliability Techniques: ProDisk, ProMachine, ProHot , ProHot_LazyCold and ProactiveCache

HDR Student – Dr Rekha Nachiappan

Supervisory Panel – Associate/Prof. Bahman Javadi, Dr Rodrigo Neves Calheiros, and Dr Kenan Matawie